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We have a selection of fantastic 'rewards' that you can claim depending on how much you've generously donated or raised for the Steam Coast Trail. Here's the list:

Donate £1 (or more) and we'll put your name on our 'Friends of the Steam Coast Trail' list on the website. Woo! Seriously, don't underestimate the power of the pound! Lots of cool things are achieved when lots of people each contribute as little as one hundred pennies.

Now these little beauties are seriously sought after. You can stick them on your dog. You can stick them on your bike. They'll even stick to your forehead for about 2 hours and 10 minutes as long as you're not sweaty. And they promote the Steam Coast Trail. Cool!

​This is a very cool idea. If you donate £5 to the Steam Coast Trail, we'll put your name and message in a bottle and bury it under the Steam Coast Trail during construction. We'll get together for a big, weird, burying ceremony and try and imagine what the world will be like when it's unearthed in the future. Hmm!

Donate £10 and receive a very exclusive product; The Steam Coast Trail key chain! Promote the Steam Coast Trail by flashing your keychain in peoples faces every time you whip your keys out. "WOW, you hero!"

Donate £15 and we'll send you one of our fantastically large Steam Coast Trail car stickers. Rev your engine down the high street with this beauty on board to show your support.

This exclusive Steam Coast Trail trucker cap could be yours, for a meer £20 donation! Wearing this bad boy will help you to achieve three things: (1) look cool, (2) promote the Steam Coast Trail, (3) look cool. Fact!

This is what everybody is talking about! The incredibly comfortable SCT t-shirt in return for a donation of £30. A swarm of walking Steam Coast Trail adverts, that's what we'd love to see!

Put that hood up and victimise old people. Not really! Stay nice and warm with the Steam Coast Trail 'hooded jumper'. In return for raising £50 of donations. Innit.

For £100 you get all of this: a Steam Coast Trail sticker, a Steam Coast Trail key chain, a big Steam Coast Trail car sticker, a Steam Coast Trail cap, a Steam Coast Trail t-shirt and a Steam Coast Trail hoodie. Wowzers!

Yes, for only £200 you get sponsorship and your name printed onto one metre of the actual Steam Coast Trail. A fantastic opportunity to have your name immortalised in stone, surrounded by beautiful countryside, for a fantastic cause!

You're a STAR! For £1000 you'll be elevated to celebrity status with your own Hollywood Hand Print, set into the Steam Coast Trail.

STEAM COAST TRAIL sponsored by [your name here]. On a sign post! For £1,500. Everybody who ever uses the Steam Coast Trail will know that you were there from the beginning, having played a major role in it's construction.

This Steam Coast Trail bench was kindly donated by [your name here]. For £3,000. As such, you'll be thanked by hundreds of people who use it to rest their weary legs from exercise on the Trail. Now where's my flask? Here's to you!

For £5,000 you kindly donate a bench, a Steam Coast Trail sign, and get your own Hollywood Hand Print. All with your name on it (or your company's) to promote your generosity.

Hollywood Hand Prints for your whole family (or business), who, as well as the rest of the local community, will all consider you an absolute legend for giving the Steam Coast Trail such great beginnings!

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